My Recent SummeRunning

I’m here to talk about SummeRunning! Hah- I can’t believe I really just said that.  So summerunning (a combination of the words summer and running as you have probably figured out) is definitely a major part of my summer this year. Motivation to train for my Junior year Cross country season is running high and I’m super excited about it!  On Sunday, I did an 11 mile run, which was very fun and I honestly didn’t even feel that tired, until about mile 9.5 when I crawled into a Panera and in desperate need of water, took a plastic lid (there were not cups) and drank water from that lid.  Needless to say, people around me stared at me with a combination of  amusement and pity.



It was not the fastest run, but I wasn’t aiming for speed. 🙂

Sadly, my knee has been hurting quite badly (both of them but mostly my left) and when I tried to run on Monday, it hurt quite badly, so I decided to listen to my body and take a rest day.

I did an easy 5 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday, and this morning, but my knee(both knees but mostly my left) have hurt, so I have to be careful and keep tabs on things!

What I (try to) do post run ;) Nothing a little frozen edamame can't fix!

What I (try to) do post run 😉 Nothing a little frozen edamame can’t fix!

On another note, on Saturday I’m off to Northampton, Massachusetts!  In case you didn’t read my other post, I’m doing a Summer at Smith program about Field Studies for Sustainable Futures.  Super excited to meet new people and go on adventures and stuff, but I probably won’t be able to run very high mileage in Northampton.  I will do my best though, but try not to stress myself out about it excessively.

Peace out, readers, and I will be sure to update you on my trip to Northampton 🙂





Summer is here: Recent eats

Last Wednesday was my last day of school, so summer break is officially here and I cannot be happier about it!  I wish I could say the reason I haven’t been posting is because I was busy, but the last couple days, I’ve spent the day relaxing at home doing absolutely nothing except reading blogs, watching youtube videos, and eating food 😀  This post features some of my recent eats 😉

Summer feels great… mostly because I have almost no obligations (for now) and i feel FREE!

Nothing says summer like henna tattoos! My chemistry teacher did this for me on my last day of school...

Nothing says summer like henna tattoos! My chemistry teacher did this for me on my last day of school…

(Some of) What I’ve Been Eating: 

Lots of Frozen yogurt! This is salted caramel and vanilla with mochi, waffle cone bits, brownie bits, oreos, and whipped cream. Mmm

Lots of Frozen yogurt! This is salted caramel and vanilla with mochi, waffle cone bits, brownie bits, oreos, and whipped cream. Mmm

I've been loving caramel marshmallows from Whole Foods.  Sooo good!

I’ve been loving caramel marshmallows from Whole Foods. Sooo good!

My dad brought lots of treats home from Italy! Totally delish.

My dad brought lots of treats home from Italy! Totally delish.

Banana icecream with Peanut Butter Chips!

Banana icecream with Peanut Butter Chips!

Pasta Salad :)

Pasta Salad 🙂

I ate this whole bag myself in a matter of days... Seriously so good

I ate this whole bag myself in a matter of days… Seriously so good



Chicken Soft Tacos from Qdoba!  They're so good... I love soft tacos

Chicken Soft Tacos from Qdoba! They’re so good… I love soft tacos

Corner Bakery has the best salads! This is the asian chicken salad and chicken noodle soup.  Plus, they're super generous

Corner Bakery has the best salads! This is the asian chicken salad and chicken noodle soup. Plus, they’re super generous

Chicken Soft Tacos from Qdoba!  They're so good... I love soft tacos

Chicken Soft Tacos from Qdoba! They’re so good… I love soft tacos

Buttermilk Pancakes. MY FAVORITE.

Buttermilk Pancakes. MY FAVORITE.

You guessed it... more froyo!

You guessed it… more froyo!

Love making Vitamin Shoppe runs to stock up on my favorites.  My wallet doesn't like it much though ;)

Love making Vitamin Shoppe runs to stock up on my favorites. My wallet doesn’t like it much though 😉

I just love donuts...

I just love donuts…

Can you tell I love snacks?

Can you tell I love snacks?

Okay so those were just a few of my recent eats!  Mmm makes me hungry just looking back on them.  Sorry I just dumped them all into one post, I’ll try not to do that so much!  Stay tuned for a post about my recent runs coming up soon.  Hope you guys are all having a lovely summer!  Stay cool! 🙂


Because I’m Happy…

FINALS ARE DONE!!! Wooohoooo!!!! I’ve never felt such a huge relief off my shoulders! Although I still have 3 more days of school, I’m in summer mode basically 🙂

I’m pretty sure I flunked my chemistry final, but oh well!  Studying was stressing me out so badly, so its nice to not have any obligation to study for a while.

Other updates… I ran a 5K yesterday with my friend yesterday after taking nearly two weeks off from running.  It was called the IHS 11th Annual Race4Freedom and it was in honor of a staff member from Immaculata High School (the school that was hosting the event).



It was such a blast!!  The race itself hurt (well duh haha) a little because I had a side stitch/cramp in my stomach the whole time I ran and a stomach ache- but hey what races don’t hurt?  Racing is when you push yourself!  I finished with a time of 21:02 and came in second place overall for women!

Me and my friend being silly after the race :)

Me and my friend being silly after the race 🙂

Yesterday’s race made me so excited for summer and summer training for cross country.  I’m ready to work hard to prepare for cross country next year, so that means upping the mileage later on, but making sure that I don’t get injured.

I’m going to a summer program called Summer at Smith (Smith is a women’s college in Northampton Massachusetts) to study the environment and sustainability!

Doesn't it look beautiful?

Doesn’t it look beautiful?

I’ve never been to Northampton, but I’m super excited to go and to enjoy the 2 week program!  I hope to learn a lot, have fun, and make good friends.  However, classes are seven hours each day and we go on trips on the weekends, so I’m not sure how much mileage I can get in there, especially because I don’t know the area.  I will work my best to incorperate it into my schedule, either early in the morning before class or in the evening.

Who else is excited for the summer???

Baby Steps

I have decided to take some serious action about my binge eating.  Lately, I’ve been binge eating… a lot.  I’ve gained 10 pounds in like a month and I know I’m probably at a healthier weight now, but I don’t want to binge every single day.  It just doesn’t make me happy.  I want to live a happy life that doesn’t revolve around food.

Also, lately I’ve been telling myself at the end of every day, “Oh well, tomorrow will be better, I won’t binge” but I’ve been doing it all over every single day.  So I’m going to make a game plan to help me stop.  And that plan is to take baby steps.

Hehe has anyone seen the movie What About Bob?

Hehe has anyone seen the movie What About Bob?

I’m going to keep pushing to break this habit and no matter how small my actions seem to me, as long as they’re in the right direction, I will be satisfied.  Here are my goals:

Goal 1: Don’t feel guilt about food.      I have already almost achieved this goal, except once in a while I feel guilty if I feel I overate and this leads me to binge and feel even more guilty


Goal 2: Don’t “eat because you ate”.  This relates to goal one and what I mean by it is don’t eat because you feel guilty about something eaten earlier.

Goal 3: Try not to overeat.  Of course its ok to overeat every now and then- everybody does it!  What I don’t want to do is to keep eating way past feelings of fullness when I’m alone because its not normal and it doesn’t make me feel good

Goal 4: Eat throughout the day steadily and try not to eat tons of food in the evening because of boredom

Goal 5: Don’t use food as entertainment or something to fill an emotional need.  Food is fuel after all and I love to enjoy it and everything, but I have to remind myself that there is so much more to life than just food!

Goal 6: Eat intuitively!  I am intuitiverunner on instagram afterall 😉


Taking a Break from Running

Who ever thought that not running could be harder than running itself?  Trust me, it is for me right now!  Running just puts me in such a good mood, it makes me feel alive, and it leaves me feeling so much happier and confident.  It’s safe to say I’m addicted to endorphins.


But I will have to survive without it!  As much as it is something wonderful that is so great for your body and spirit, rest is mandatory for your body.  I want to stay injury free and have a great summer full of cross country training, so this rest is needed.

I feel you, Mr. Polar Bear

I feel you, Mr. Polar Bear

These past few days, I’ve been focusing on maintaining sanity while preparing for finals.  By maintaining sanity I mean rewarding myself bit by bit and not letting myself get stressed like crazy.  However, some things are out of my control.  Like some people (or person who shall not be named) being unfriendly to me at school.

I’ve been just taking it day by day- I only have 8 days left of school!  If you ever feel trapped in a situation in which you feel you are just bound to be unhappy, take a deep breath.  Remind yourself that everything is temporary and things will get better.  Life will throw things at ya, but its up to you how you react (I’ve been trying to remind myself this).


Coping with Stress

Lately, I’ve been pretty stressed about upcoming tests, projects, SAT IIs, and finals.  I know that this is nothing big in the realm of stress, but as a sophomore in high school, I’m pretty stressed about academics. I know that next year when I am taking harder classes and more APs, the stress levels will build much more.







But do they have to?  Is insane levels of stress and anxiety mandatory for doing well academically in high school and achieving your goals?  I do not think so.  I think that one just has to find ways to manage their life and schedule and try to make the best of their circumstances.  This is something that I am trying to learn to do.

My way of coping with stress lately has been both good and bad.  The good is that running helps me cope with stress quite a bit and it makes me so much happier.  Soon, I am taking a break, though, to refresh before getting into cross country training more.


old-ish pic, but post run smiles are always happy smiles 😀

But mostly, I’ve been binge eating and overeating due to my stress levels :/  This is a habit that I am desperately trying to break.  I’ve been struggling a lot, guys, I’ll admit.  I have to trust that I don’t need to gorge myself with food till the point of sickness in order to deal with school related stress.

IMG_3434 2

Haha I found this on my phone.  I sent it to my friend as a joke, but it pretty much sums up my relationship with trying to study but ending up with peanut butter in my hand

So, I am going to think up new ways to deal with stress 🙂

  • Meditation / Yoga –  These things are always so nice and relaxing and there are countless videos on Youtube with short yoga sessions!  I have only done yoga a few times and I know I am not the best Yogi (I’m so inflexible!) but hey, its worth a shot! 🙂


  • Writing!  Whether it be journaling, blogging, or writing up a creative piece, writing is a good stress reliever
  • Reading-  Reading is always a calming experience if you’ve got a good book or magazine in hand!



Jane Eyre was definitely not as bad as I thought it would be! It was especially nice to read with a quest bar in hand because what isn’t better when you have a quest bar?

  • Drawing- Though I’m not the best artist, sometimes sketching can be so nice.  I get to embrace creativity and art!
  • Hanging out with Friends or Family-  As busy as you are, planning for fun is always a good idea, because it gives you a light at the end of the tunnel and something to look forward to!


  • Singing- I. Love. Singing. 🙂  It always puts me in a good mood
  • Talking- Just explaining your feelings to someone and venting a little never hurt.  Letting out some pent up emotions is good, so you don’t go crazy haha!

I will be adding to this list as I find new activities I like and I will try to be happier and less stressed out!  I only have 13 more days of school anyways WOOHOO! Hope you guys are all happy and stress free!

My question for you is: How do you guys cope with stress? Answer in comments if you’d like!


My Running Story Part 2

So where did I leave off… That’s right- Spring track of last year- my freshman year!  The season ended and I was still feeling determined and competitive; very ready for cross country.  One big mistake I made, however, was not taking an actual break from running.  I took a couple days off here and there but I really did not want to take a solid week or two off from running because I loved running so much and also knew I would feel very guilty from lack of exercise.

Continuously training, I set goals for myself.  I wanted to run low 8 minute miles on each of my runs, I didn’t want to take any breaks: not even for stoplights.  Summer training is for getting that mileage in and getting ready to go for cross country, not for putting unnecessary pressure and stress on yourself like I did! BIG mistake, I think.

Even when I was in Hawaii, visiting my grandma, I was stressing myself out about just simple easy runs.  I remember breaking down on an extra hot day and just stopping in the middle of my run many times.  This was the beginning of what I called my “running rut”.


picture of Hawaii- I miss it a lot

Throughout my “running rut” I lacked the motivation and drive I once had to run.  I still ran but I found it so difficult not to stop many times during the run.  I think part of the reason that I was having such a hard time was because I had stressed myself out so much about running that I just sort of… (for lack of a better term) cracked?

Later in the summer, I would rely on running with my friend to get me to go out on runs and not stop a billion times. However, I was always struggling to keep up and feeling exhausted.



At the end of the summer, I went to Bennett Running Camp, which was a lot of fun and a great experience, but I struggled on every run.  I just felt utterly exhausted and the hills were such a challenge (which they should be- but I was running extremely slow as well).  Little did I know, I was most likely iron deficient.

Iron deficiency anemia is when you don’t get enough iron in your body and it can cause fatigue that impairs the ability to do physical work in adults.  When cross country started, I was anemic but I still kept up with the top group on “easy” runs (which were not easy at all for me).  However, when we had our first scrimmage, I felt so tired and depleted of energy that in the moment of things, I stopped in the middle and cried.  I felt so guilty that I had dropped out and it haunted me the rest of the season. 😦

When real races began, I was so shocked by the times I was running, for they were so much worse than my freshman year (like 24’s through 26’s).  Races still hurt and I didn’t know what was wrong with me.



I felt myself losing hope towards the end of the season.  Being one of the slowest girls on the team was hard to handle, because I had worked hard the whole summer and I had no idea what was happening to my performance.  My teammates expressed concern, but believed I was having a mental struggle and also I told them that it was my stomach that hurt a lot, because I was getting stomach aches pretty much every run I went on.


lookin’ good, Sarah.  haha jk

When winter track came, I hoped to turn things around.  Sadly, things didn’t and I was still running slow times and getting even more dissapointed with myself (6:15 miles and 13:30 2 miles approx., and 2:45 800 which wasn’t too bad).  My coach talked to me and told me that he believed I had anemia, but for some weird reason I didn’t think so and my mom didn’t want to take me to the doctor (she never wants to go to the doctor besides for checkups).

Spring arrived and with that, spring track!  Once again, I was excited and hopeful that by some miracle, things would turn around.  No such thing happened.  I was still running slow times and they were just getting slower and slower (6:30 miles and almost 14 minute 2 miles).  I was getting really upset and getting really worried about my health and such.

Late into the season, my friend recommend I take iron pills, and when I did so, within 2 weeks, I ran a 12:21 3200 and I was like Wow! Those iron pills were like magic I am so thankful for them and the way that they helped me so much.


Sadly, my season is over and I only had 2 races non-anemic this entire year.  I feel like it was almost a waste of a year, but it is what it is, and I am so pumped for XC next year!!!! Wooohoooo!!!! Thanks for reading, guys!

P.S.: Soon I’m taking a 2 week break then starting XC training which I’ll tell you about when I figure out what exactly I’m doing! 🙂